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Woodworking has always been fun, even during the twenty-five plus years I spent building hundreds of cabinets and furniture pieces for customers. It was always a learning experience, and I developed many simplified methods I still use in my home shop long after I retired from woodworking. I also enjoyed writing about my business, but now I’ve decided to write about how I build projects in a small home shop using consumer brand tools instead of the trade tools I sold as part of my commercial shop.

If you own consumer level tools, you may be hesitant to try building cabinets and furniture, but my book Woodworking Simplified Book 1 shows you how to build attractive and functional wood projects for your home or office using consumer tools.

Book 1 is just the first of a series of Woodworking Simplified books that include complete instructions, materials lists, drawings, and even exploded views for six projects including desks, cabinets, bookcases, tables, etc. These are same methods that helped me deliver quality while still making a profit. Now you can use them to jump right in building wood projects for family and friends.

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5 Stars - It was amazing

A William Benitez's "Woodworking Simplified: Book 1: Your How-To Guide for Making Beautiful and Functional Projects" is an excellent book for beginning woodworkers. It is easy to follow along with, adequately detailed, and clearly written, without too much of the technical jargon that some other how-to guides like to employ. I would definitely recommend this book to beginners interested in woodworking and hope my brothers and myself get quite a bit of use from it.


4 Stars - Really liked it


This book was perfect for me. I am not a wood worker but my husband does have some ability in this area. I have been wanting some remodeling done in my laundry room and there are two projects (cabinets and a counter) that would satisfy my needs. Nothing elaborate ... but functional and attractive. The instructions seem detailed enough with the materials listed and diagrams provided. I can't wait to see the finished product!


5 Stars

This book is amazing. Following the directions and suggestions, I was able to build something correctly for the first time. This book has it laid out step by step with suggestions and detailed explanations. It's the perfect idiot’s guide!!!